Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan

Last December, the entire ‘Khan-dan’ was in the mood of celebration as after 13-long years Salman Khan was relieved from his Hit & Run case. The Bombay High Court acquitted him from all the charges levied against him and quashed the five-year jail term punishment passed by the session court against the star. Indeed, Salman heaved a sigh of relief as a huge burden from his shoulder was taken off. Following this, everyone thought that he is a free bird now without any problems but, unfortunately, his legal trouble does not end here. Salman Khan’s 1998’s blackbuck poaching case is still on with many twists and turns to be unveiled.


This case has now reached the apex court wherein the defence and prosecution lawyers have started with their arguments. The verdict on this is out to be soon so let’s rewind and take a look at how the intricacies of this case.