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Kim Seok Jin aka Mr Worldwide Handsome of BTS rang in his 30th birthday today and the ARMY is celebrating Jin Day. Jin is the oldest out of the seven BTS members, but he is really the living definition of age is just a number and it is no secret that Suga could easily pass for the harabeoji of BTS. Anyhow, while Jin is the oldest he has always been the life of the party when it comes to BTS concerts, shows and interviews, but it takes only seconds for the singer to turn into an over caring elder brother to his members which is why he is also called Jin Hyung by the ARMY.

Recently during the Permission To Dance On-Stage: LA concert, Jin was given a special birthday surprise by the members and BTS ARMY when the Yours singer was moved to tears by the sweet gesture. He revealed that he wasn’t expecting anything as the concert was reaching its last leg but he was extremely grateful when the SoFi stadium lit up with purple moons on the ARMY bombs. Well, as we celebrate Jin day today, let’s look at some of the reasons why the Pied Piper singer is the serotonin you need in BTS.


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Leave it to Kim Seok Jin to make the members double over in laughter with his dad jokes and hilarious one-liners. He can even turn an extremely pressurizing situation backstage during a concert into a laughter ride only to have the members backs in tough times.

Jin has always shown ARMY with as much love as possible and is always grateful for their support. In an earlier interview, he had revealed that he begins to doubt sometimes if he is deserving of so much love, the singer had said, ” I sometimes feel, “Is it alright for us to receive this much love?” When we’re at concerts or in places with many of our fans & I feel that we are receiving love, I think I can say that there’s nothing in the world that can compare with that happiness. Many others ask us what it feels like when we perform but really only those who have stood on stage will know. I think that saying that it’s “so good” is lacking in explaining how it feels. ” 

While we are talking about Jin being the life of the party, he has even left everyone at concerts in tears proving to be the ideal son that he is. The singer had got emotional at a concert as he broke down and spoke about how he wanted to make his parents proud.


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Well, Jin is not complete without his Worldwide Handsome jokes and somehow they never get dull. It was during the BTS carpool karaoke episode on The Late Late Show with James Corden when RM and James were having a conversation about English. RM revealed he learned English by watching Friends, but Jin said he did too so why can’t he speak the language. The two were seen cracking up about it but Jin didn’t seem to get it when he said, “I don’t know what they are saying but let’s laugh anyway.”

Finally, BTS will be quite incomplete without Kim Seok Jin as he is a whole mood as well as the pillar of the group. ARMY is rooting for the member as he is soon to reportedly enlist in the military as per the law so far in South Korea. His dad jokes, weird one-liners and emotional chats will surely be missed.


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We wish Kim Seok Jin a very Happy Birthday.

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