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Chris Hemsworth is one of the biggest and most adored film stars globally. The actor, more popularly known for playing the mighty Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for his wit and charm. Audiences have always seen him in his funny avatar off the screen. Thus, it came as a shocker when last year, the actor revealed he is likely to develop Alzheimer’s due to his genetic condition.

Recently, during the promotional tour for his upcoming release Extraction 2, Chris got in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble. During the conversation, Chris opened up on the after affects of his Alzheimer scare. One of his statements though, made us wonder if he hinted at a break from acting.

Is Chris Hemsworth taking break from acting?

During the chat, Chris reflected on the importance of family time, especially after his Alzheimer scare. He said, “I think about the regrettable times for me, things I look back on and hopefully, I’ve learned a lesson from. It’s being away too much and not being with family enough and missing the things that are most important. So, my kids , I’ve got two twin boys of nine, my daughter’s 11 and I’ve spent you know the last seven months at home.”

Now, it’s his last statement that made us wonder if the actor is taking a break from acting. Last year, in his documentary, Limitless, Chris had opened up on his maternal grandfather suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. There, it was also revealed that Chris has inherited two copies of a gene, one from his father and mother each, that makes him 8-10 times likelier to develop the disease too.

Following that diagnosis, Chris had expressed that he intends to take an indefinite break from acting. He wants to focus more on his family and spend quality time with them. The last 7 months he had been doing that, and it could possibly be the start of his indefinite break.

However, the actor added, “I had some wonderful quality time (with my family) and now (feel ) kind of reinvigorated to get back to work. But I also make sure I bring them with me when we can, and there’s always a balance.”

Chris Hemsworth’s movies

Chris is widely recognised for his role of the God Of Thunder, Thor in the MCU. He started playing that in the 2011 film by the same name. Since then, he has appeared in 8 films in the MCU, and did a cameo in the 2016 film Doctor Strange as well. Amongst these 8 films, 4 are his standalone movies in the Thor series.

In 2022, Chris had the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, which had the end scene saying, ‘Thor will return’. Post that, Chris had expressed that he hopes for a different tone for the character that would serve as a deserving end for him, in case another Thor film is made.

Apart from that, he has the release of Extraction 2 on June 16, 2023. The first part of the Extraction series was shot in India. It even featured Indian actors Randeep Hooda and Pankaj Tripathi. Now, in the upcoming time, Chris has just one film Furiosa in the pipeline. Apart from that, he has a voice role in Transformers One. So, him choosing less work and his selective upcoming filmography could very well hint at the break he intended to take. Here’s wishing him the best of health.

You can watch the entire chat with Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave here:

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