Sreenivas Bellamkonda, Nushrratt Bharuccha, chatrapathi movie review

Film: Chatrapathi

Director: V.V. Vinayak

Star cast: Sreenivas Bellamkonda, Nushrratt Bharuccha, Karan Singh Chhabra, Sahil Vaid, Sharad Kelkar

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 0.5/5 stars

Chatrapathi REVIEW

Chatrapathi is an official remake of a Telugu film of the same name. The original film was headlined by Prabhas and was helmed by SS Rajamouli. I have not watched the original film but I can’t believe that the director who made Baahubali and RRR has given us this. I can’t believe that the writer Vijayendra Prasad who wrote the stories of those films has written Chatrapathi. The remake version of the movie is just BAD! The original film was made in 2005 and remaking the movie after more than a decade can literally hamper the movie. The makers should understand that the audience has changed and they are now craving good content and not a sleazy movie like Chatrapathi.

Sreenivas Bellamkonda and Nushrratt Bharuccha starrer literally takes me a decade back which is quite dated and boring. I kid you not, the first 30 mins of the movie showed 2 songs which begins out of nowhere. That’s not it, I didn’t hear the hero’s dialogue or voice in the first 30-40 mins of the movie which was just bizarre. Random things are happening in the movie that doesn’t make sense at all. Right from the songs beginning out of nowhere to the flow of the story, it is poorly executed. I feel extremely bad to even write this in my review given the fact the original film was made by SS Rajamouli while written by Vijayendra Prasad.


Shiva and his family are uprooted from their community and wind up as bonded labourers in Gujarat. The situation worsens when his jealous stepbrother starts to create problems in his life. Due to a certain incident, his stepbrother lied and said that Shiva was dead. However, years later, he finally reunites with his mother but in the worst scene possible. His brother creates such scenarios that their mother starts believing that Shiva is wrong. But will his mother remember him? Will his mother see him as the bad guy?

Highlights of Chatrapathi:

I don’t know the film’s highlight, maybe the runtime. It was wrapped up in 2 hours and that can a relief point for you.

Drawbacks of Chatrapathi:

Execution: Chatrapthi was poorly executed. There was a scene in the climax where Shiva is being shot and in the middle of the fight scene he wants to rest on his mother’s lap. the bad guy comes to fight with him but he wakes him up instead of charging on him. He then shoots his mother and that makes Shiva get up from his sleep. I was like ‘what is happening?’ Things were random in the movie. Even Nushratt falling in love with Shiva was absolutely random.

Songs: In the first 30 mins of the movie, two songs were introduced and I was like why? Of course, one special dance number, one romantic number, one party track and all were included and none of them were stirring. Yes, there are too many songs but they are randomly placed and played in the movie.

Acting: Everyone in the movie was perpetually bad in their performance. Some were over dramatic while some were overacting.

VFX: I guess the entire movie was made with a green screen behind them. I don’t think there was anything real in the movie.

Star performance:

Sreenivas Bellamkonda plays the titular role in the movie and oh boy, he doesn’t impress me with his acting chops. From his dialogue delivery to his emotions, everything looked so forced and rehearsed. Even his expressions during dance sequences, it seems like he is trying too hard to become the masala hero or maybe trying to act like Prabhas.

On the other, Nushrratt Bharuccha seems to do a lot of overacting. Apart from flaunting a good fashion game, her acting game is a zero.

Coming back to Karan Singh Chhabra, he plays the cunning stepbrother who is only fuming and giving cunning stares and glares. Plus, I don’t understand what’s the point of giving him coloured lenses, I mean that doesn’t make them look like the bad guy. Sahil Vaid is the only saving grace in the movie. His comic timing was good and made this film a little bearable.

Sharad Kelkar also plays the bad guy and it seems like he is underutilised. He comes into power in the second half of the movie and leaves no impact. Stars like Rajesh Sharma, Sahil Vaid, Bhagyashree and Rajendra Gupta were a waste of talent.


Concluding my Chatrapathi review, Sreenivas Bellamkonda and Nushrratt Bharuccha starter is amateurishly made. A movie that you want to save yourself, all thanks to bad execution, bad screenplay, and bad acting.

Watch the Chatrapathi trailer after the review:

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