The Wife Review: Gurmeet Choudhary as Varun aces his performance in this open-ended horror movie

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Whether or not you believe in ghosts, one can’t really escape the demons of the past. This is precisely what Sarmad Khan directorial The Wife dabbles with. The movie stars Gurmeet Chaudhary and Sayani Datta in the lead roles. Set in an urban setting, Varun (Gurmeet) and Arya (Sayani) move to a new house which is haunted by a woman who is out there to seek revenge. From whom and why is what forms the premise of the story.

While Arya is quick to realize that there is something wrong with the happenings around her in the house, Varun dismisses it to be ‘co-incidence.’ He refuses to seek any help from psychic till one day he comes face to face with the demon. There is also a psychic who believes in the science of ghosts, there is also a selfish father who becomes the reason for all the mishaps in the first place.

The story in itself is slightly slow and background music trying to keep you on edge, however, the screenplay fails you in parts. The film seems to be cut abruptly. As soon as the story comes to a high point, it is pulled heavily down with shoddy editing. Gurmeet Chaudhary has tried his best to elevate the movie with his performance. He does justice to what was written to him but we would have liked it more if his character was well defined. Apart from what is on the surface, we would have loved to see the layers of his character unfold throughout the story.

Coming to Sayani Datta, I found her the weakling when it comes to performances. Her shrieks, her shouts lacked conviction.

Director Sarmad could have used the camera to create moments that could have added to the horror effect and lacked the ‘X factor. If you were reading the signs right throughout the movie, you would be able to predict the climax. Despite the loopholes, the film does manage to entertain you in parts. It is currently streaming on Zee 5.

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