Sanak Review: Vidyut Jammwal’s high-octane action stands out in a predictable plot

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Director: Kanishk Varma

Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Rukmini Maitra, Neha Dhupia, Chandan Roy Sanyal

Bollywood Bubble Rating: 3 stars



Vidyut Jammwal and Rukmini Maitra starrer Sanak just released and the movie missed the mark but the saving grace of Sanak was Vidyut’s high octane action that will manage somehow to keep you glued to the screen. Vidyut is seen playing the character of Vivaan Ahuja who learns that his wife Anshika Ahuja played by Rukmini Maitra has a genetic heart disease. Somehow, in typical Bollywood style, Rukmini has recovered from her ailment, so when her MMA trainer husband goes to meet her at the hospital, they are trapped in a terrorist attack which is led by Chandan Roy Sanyal who plays Sanju, the leader of the terrorist gang which is not the usual ones we see in movies but from mix ethnicities.

But, as most movies go, the police Force outside led by ACP Jayanti Bhargav (Neha Dhupia) is completely helpless amidst the terrorist attack and Vivaan tries to find signals- literally to send out to the police. It is all on Vivaan’s shoulders now, to get the hostages out, save his wife and the ailing patients in the hospital as not many can or want to help except an avid gamer kid and a hospital worker. This brings me to the camaraderie between Vivaan and Riyaaz Ahmed which was a breath of fresh air in the plot. Riyaaz Ahmed’s one-liners did make for a good laugh.

Talking about the action scenes, there is not one bit that was amiss, Vidyut was just on point with the scenes and it was a hardcore Vidyut Jammwal movie that is action-packed. From that start -which will leave you confused to the end that you might have already seen coming, Sanak will still manage to keep you glued because of Vivaan. His is a one-man army as we have always seen him, taking down a whole gang of terrorists. Andy Long Nguyen, the action director sure does deserve an applause.


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Talking about the ladies of Sanak, Rukmini and Neha were very constricted in their roles. It would have been great to see them take the forefront with Vidyut in the movie, but they are seen for a very limited time and quite helpless in most situations. Rukmini aka Anshika is seen as a total badass at the start of Sanak, but then that’s about it. ACP Jayanti Bhargav on the other hand has a personal entanglement that keeps her at bay. Chandan Roy Sanyal impresses as always as the bone chilling terrorist leader. He is ruthless with no mercy and quite the mastermind. Apart from that, Sanak will not manage to impress you with its plot as you might have already predicted it.

Sanak is a high on action movie with lacked a bit of thrill. If you are a die-hard Vidyut Jammwal fan, it is a good one time watch for the action.

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