‘Bigg Boss 14’: Mahira Sharma says Pavitra Punia was 3-timing Paras Chhabra; Pavitra calls him a ‘piece of s*it’

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Pavitra Puniya’s hopeless attempts to gain cheap publicity on Paras Chhabra’s name and fame has taken a whole new outrageous turn. Pavitra has been calling out Paras Chhabra and so much so Mahira Sharma also jumped into the conversation. Paras has finally had enough, and he too slams the Pavitra thereafter. It has all become a clusterfu*k.

In one of Pavitra Punia’s interviews, before she went into BB house, she had revealed that Paras was the biggest mistake of her life. Hearing this Paras had lashed out and opened up to the world that Pavitra was married when they were dating. Not only that, Pavitra had even hidden that fact from him.

Talking on the same, Paras’ bestie Mahira Sharma recently opened up while talking to ETimes and said, “I have always stood for what is right. I would have supported her as a friend still but she is taking the route of lies and deceit. I don’t understand why these girls are after Paras to get fame? During Naagin 3, I knew she was married and at that time she was dating Paras and somebody else too. She was three timing and now she is blaming Paras for it, just because you are a women you can’t play the victim card. Stop blaming Paras for your shortcomings.”

At the same time, Pavitra also started noticing that people started calling her as Paras Chhabra’s ex-girlfriend – something which she didn’t like to be referred to as. In another interview with Pinkvilla, Pavitra revealed the same and said, “I don’t feel sad but I get angry about things. A brand is a brand and you can’t rank them. But when you connect a brand like me with a struggler like Paras and call me a struggler’s ex-girlfriend, you should be ashamed of yourself. Don’t join my name with him. First take our work, our status, our positions in accordance and then call anyone an ex. Paras Chhabra is the ex-boyfriend of Pavitra Punia, not the other way round. He’s a piece of s**t, jo ladkiyon ke paise pe survive karta hai. I have a list which I haven’t provided yet. So, when the media writes all this, it makes me angry.

To this comment of being called a ‘piece of s*it’, Paras said now, “Defaming people, keeping relationships with three men at the same time, using people for money and calls me a piece of shit! Take a piece of advice from me, Why don’t you stick to what suits you the best ‘being erotic ’. When was the last time you promoted your self on the basis of your work and talent, I think never. It is so unusual that the content in her interviews is more about me than her. What about your work, your passions, likes, dislikes. Why are you hiding your true self? Are you scared that if you show people who you really are, maybe they will hate you, is it? Or to climb the ladder of success, you are using me as your pawn. If her team doesn’t stop with this nonsense, my friends will leak their chats with Pavitra, which screams lust for men and their money. Maybe that will shut their mouth. Trust me if I do that, her career and her image both never will see the light of the day. I have said this in the past I will repeat it again, if at all I enter the house, I will expose Pavitra and all her dirty lies.

Well, only time will tell if all of this is for publicity or there is actually any basis to this fight between Paras-Mahira and Pavitra. Stay hooked onto Bollywood Bubble for more information on ‘Bigg Boss 14′.

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