EXCLUSIVE: Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal react to people labelling their relationship FAKE

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Bigg Boss 15 lovebirds Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal are the latest contestants to leave the BB15 house. In fact, Bigg Boss 15 got its first couple in Ieshaan and Miesha. Amidst all the love, the two were at the receiving end of criticism as they got into a relationship in a week. Fans start raising questions regarding their relationship and call it fake. Not just the audience, even the housemates were criticising them for loving each other in a week. Responding to the criticism, Miesha questioned that why can’t people fall in love in a week’s time.

I have said this quite a few times before and I’m going to say that again. I feel that if someone’s dating for 10 years and they can break up, why can’t people fall in love in a week’s time and honestly, we have spent so much time. In the outside world when you get to know someone, you spend 3-4 hours with that person, you go for a movie or maybe a dinner date but here we were with each other for 24×7,” she exclusively told Bollywood Bubble.

Ieshaan added, “Basically, hamari relationship live-in mein hi start hui hai.


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Miesha continued, “Because we stayed together we knew everything, I knew what he would like to eat or he would know what I would like to do or how much time I would need to get ready, he would know whether I snore in the night. So, it was like zip zap zoom and we found so many things about each other that people actually find out after six months after they reach that comfort level but we got so comfortable with each other like most of you all have already seen it. If it was planned then we would have taken our own sweet time to build up, had suspense. Since it was not planned, we felt it and we said it. And if we can’t stay when we feel it then we are being fake to ourselves.” 

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