Jay Bhanushali will miss his daughter Tara dearly in Bigg Boss 15: I hope I can survive this without her

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Jay Bhanushali made quite the surprising entry in Bigg Boss 15. It was not until the day before the premiere night that the fans did know about Jay Bhanushali being a Bigg Boss 15 contestant. But, now his fans have come all out in support as their favourite has entered the show. Jay did not get an on-stage introduction, but he was shown the house personally by Salman Khan who gave him a tour of the ‘jungle’ in the house and he also told him about the off-limits area. But Jay recently revealed that his stint in the Bigg Boss house will not be that easy as he will miss his family especially his daughter Tara. Jay is always seen posting pictures and videos with Tara on Instagram and now he will stay away from her for quite a long time which he says will become difficult for him.

Jay said in a statement, “I still cannot believe this is happening. This has been the toughest decision in the longest time. I think the last time I cried must be when I was about 15 and here I am getting emotional today. Whenever I would see someone get emotional and cry, I would laugh it off but today I realize the wave that comes in at times. I’m very close to my daughter and I will miss taking her to the park, sleeping next to her and just everything we do

He further added that Tara will be the only reason he can go weak in the game as he will miss her a lot, “I have a very strong support system & a very pivotal reason to be a part of this show & that would be my daughter. I’d wake up everyday in the house & think of her & remember why I came to Bigg Boss in the first place. But that also becomes my biggest weakness because I wonder how will I ever survive for 105 days without her. I think I wasn’t ready to go this year but Mahhi has had an intuitive feeling that I must enter this year. I hope I can survive this without my daughter, she’s the only person who can make me go weak. I don’t think anything else has that kind of effect on me”


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