EXCLUSIVE: Erica Fernandes on International Dance Day: I use dancing as a tool to ease my stress

Image Source - Instagram

Erica Fernandes is not just an actress, but also someone who is active on social media and encourages different forms of art. During the lockdown, Erica Fernandes was seen promoting art and paintings, and this time, she revealed that though she is not a professional dancer, dancing is therapeutic to her and helps to deal with stress and anxiety. On International Dance Day, Erica revealed that her fondness for dance began when she was young and participated in a dance competition.

Opening up on International Dance Day about her liking for dance, the Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 actress claimed that dance is her stressbuster and helps her loosen up. “I have never professionally trained myself in dance but I remember how my first ever dance performance in KG junior got me a lot of applause from the crowd and my fondness for dance began henceforth. I would participate in a lot of dance performances for school functions and even got a hang of choreographing many dance acts which built a stronger connection between dancing and me. Till date, I use dance as a tool to ease my stress and worries, to loosen up my body after a hard day, and to mainly let free all my emotions, be it happy or sad through dancing it out.”

Erica Fernandes added, “With time I have realized that dancing while creating videos or dancing for stage performances or show sequences has helped me channelize my energies in the right way because there is so much movement, there is so immense focus on how you are dancing, lots of flexibility and importantly emoting so many emotions while performing which is the beauty of dance.”

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