Exclusive: Sambhavna Seth refused Avinash Dwivedi’s marriage proposal over forty times, Here’s why

Marriages are made in heaven and Sambhavna Seth and Avinash Dwivedi’s love story stands as a proof of the same. The former ‘Bigg Boss‘ contestant got hitched to her long-time boyfriend in a traditional ceremony in New Delhi amidst her family and close friends.

Sambhavna Seth and Avinash Dwivedi recently joined us for a chat during the promotions of their upcoming show Dil Se Connection on channel Q. During their candid conversation with Bollywood Bubble host Gretel Sequeira, Sambhavna revealed that she rejected Avinash’s proposal over 40 times, until finally accepting it.

Sambhavna revealed that Avinash proposed to me innumerable times.

Avinash said, “Yes, around 48 times. I do remember that it was in between 40 to 48 times.”

Sambhavna said, “I was like he is trying to be something and let him attain his goals first what is he trying to get into. He had just won a show and was trying to repay his parents home loan. I was like let him do his work and I will help him grow. He asked me where do I stay and soon bought a flat near my house to stay close.”



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My dil se connection with him took place when I was not well after we did a show together, as everybody knows that I was his mentor and he won the show. But after that, he kept on following me and one fine day I was hospitalized due to pneumonia and there was nobody to take care of me. He was the only one around and he did not leave me. I used to tell him to leave and go home as I am fine but he never left me. When I used to insist that he leave he used to go down and sleep on a bench. The ten days that I was in the hospital that was the time the real connection took place between us“, said Sambhavna.

Check out the full conversation with Sambhavna Seth below:

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