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Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer became a fan favourite couple soon after their stint on Imlie. The Sumaan fandom just grew by the day. Even when Sumbul went to Bigg Boss, it was the entry of Fahmaan that gave her new energy to survive. However, in recent times, there have been several speculations of a fight between Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer.

Now, in an explosive tell all interview with Bollywood Bubble, Fahmaan has opened up on his side of the story. The actor revealed the truth behind them moving apart and how it all panned out. Reports had suggested that it all happened because Sumbul’s father didn’t allow her to shoot a music video with him that was sung by Tabish Pasha.

Fahmaan Khan on FALLOUT with Sumbul Touqeer

Tabish had made this allegations, post which Sumbul and her father both told their versions of the story. Now, Fahmaan has finally presented his side to us and he insisted that “This is the first and last time I am going to talk about it. Ye mera sach hai. (This is my truth)”.

Fahmaan began by sharing that before Sumbul went to BB, they shot for a music video, Ishq Ho Gaya. While she was inside, Fahmaan reshared a BTS video from the shoot that was posted by someone. He said, “Sumbul and I share an equation. While we were shooting Imlie, we were all the time together and people have seen that and it was nothing new. In the video, she was lying on my hand and we slept as we had been shooting the whole day and were tired. Someone took that video and put up and I reshared it. Her father didn’t like that.”

Sumbul’s father getting involved

He added, “He called Tabish and said, nikalo is cheez ko, tum log kaise log ho, aise nahi karte badtameez. Tum log ko kya maalum hamare liye kitni takleef hoti hai ladki ke baare mein tumne aisa daala. (He said remove this video, what kind of people are you. You don’t know how problematic it is for us to see something like this about our daughter.) I understand that’s his point of view. Tabish ne immediately kaha ki sorry sir, wo mere PR ne daal diya tha, main abhi bol ke nikalwa deta hun. (Tabish said sorry and that his PR put it and he will get it removed).”

Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer equation post Bigg Boss

Post that, when Sumbul came out of BB house, her attitude shifted a little towards Fahmaan. He shared, “Pehla call uthaya mera usne, maine kaha, ‘aa gayi, kya haal?’ To usne mujhe bola ki mujhe bahut bura laga kyunki mujhe pata chala tune mujhe support nahi kiya. Firstly I laughed and said, rukk, main aa raha hun tujhe milne. (The first call I made her, I excitedly asked her how she was and she said that she felt bad because she got to know that I didn’t support her). I went there, and I met her down, not in her house. She came down to meet me and that’s when I understood uncle had told her that I didn’t support her.”

While Sumbul was in BB, Fahmaan got request from her PR to come on Twitter ‘Space’. “But I never understood that. I don’t know what it is.” But he kept posting their phots and videos in her support. “Everybody saw that so I don’t know where it came from. Post that, Beiraada was supposed to be with Sumbul and we were waiting for her to come out.”

The truth behind the tiff

What happened later just became the reason for the fallout between them. Fahmaan revealed, “Jab maine uncle aur Sumbul se baat ki, maine kaha ye gaana hai, usne apne music video ke baare mein bataya. (When I called Sumbul and uncle about the music video, she told me about another one of hers.) I said we’ll do both of them and we’ll do yours first. Uske baad usne mujhe phone karke bola ki Taabish wala gaan hum nahi karenge. Maine pucha kya hua, tab baatein nikli. (After that, she called me and said she won’t do Tabish’s song. When I asked why, that’s when things came out).”

He added, “Tab mujhe pata chala ki wo BTS video ke chalte uncle ne mana kar diya tha. Maine kaha theek hai, main uncle se baat kar lunga. Maine uncle ko bhi call kiya ki mera khud ka bhi paisa aur mehnat lag rahi hai, bachcha samajh ke maaf kar dijiyega. We’ll move on because hamari jodi ki badi fan following hai and hum bhi bahut ache dost hain. (I got to know that because of the earlier BTS video, uncle said no. I said I’ll talk to him and I did. So,I told him my own money is invested in it and apologized. I told him we have a huge fan following and we are good friends in real life too). I don’t want to lose out on a friend and I miss her, I miss my friend.”

Sumbul’s father saying no for their music video

However, Sumbul’s father said a straight no. The actor shared, “He very clearly mentioned that nahi, Tabish ka gaana nahi karunga main. And immediately he told me about his music video with Sumbul. Wo baat mujhe chubhi thodi. Mujhe laga ki ye galat hai. Itna maafi maangne ke baad, bachcha samajh ke maaf kar do. To maine kaha ki uncle aisa hai, to jo aapka music video hai, wo bhi nahi karunga main. Aap apna kijiye, main apna kar leta hun. We’ll part ways. And I kept that call. (He clearly said that they won’t do Tabish’s video and immediately told me about a video of theirs. I was hurt by that as even after apologizing so much, he didn’t understand. So, I told him I won’t do his video, Sumbul doesn’t need to do mine and we will part ways).”

Even after that, Fahmaan kept professional aside from personal. He said, “Immediately, I messaged Sumbul that ki ye jo professional cheezein hai na, ye hamari dosti ko nahi todengi. Main waada karta hun tujhse. Ab uske baad Sumbul ka koi reply nahi aaya, aaj tak bhi. (Immediately I messaged Sumbul that this professional thing won’t affect our friendship, I promise. But till date I haven’t got a reply to that).” He shares that now he only gets a reply from her after he sends 15-20 texts first. “But I want people to know it’s not anybody’s fault. It’s just how things have panned out and I don’t know why it is panning out like this.

Fahmaan’s attempt at reconciliation

Fahmaan even tried solving the issue but didn’t get any reciprocation. He informed, “Eid ke din maine call kiya tha teeno ko, kisi ne phone nahi uthaya mera. Mujhe bura lagta hai is baat ka ki ye media, fandom se pehle meri dosti thi na usse. (On Eid, I called all 3 of them but none picked. I feel bad because our friendship was before the fame and media). For me, that mattered. Losing out on a friend matters. I messaged her the other day that I can’t believe that I can’t even call you. This is so bad. She said meri galti nahi hai. I said I know par kahin se to ho raha hai. (She said it’s not her fault and I said I know, but it’s happening somehow). I am right here. I’ll come at 2’o clock if you have a problem. That’s the kind of friend I am.”

Fahmaan Khan still misses his friend Sumbul Touqeer and when they met after all this on a show, they had a good time. He revealed, “I miss that girl, I miss my friend. We met at Entertainment Ki Raat, and we had a lot of fun. We forgot about everything and we do that, we have that in us. But the entire speculations that happened, it doesn’t affect me, I am still the same Fahmaan I was years back. But I don’t know if that has affected anyone to be a certain way to be liked by the public.”

You can watch the entire conversation with Fahmaan Khan here:

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