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Jennifer Winget Birthday Special: From love, heartbreak to feminism; Times she WON hearts with HONEST remarks

‘She is clam as a sea, but fierce as sea waves,’ Jennifer Winget is just how you want to know celebrities. Counted among the top actresses Jenny has conquered the Entertainment industry with her scintillating performances. While she is a terrific actor, she is also an amazing human being. Known to be unapologetically herself, she does not believe in conforming to social norms, but rather breaking through them for a better tomorrow.

Today (May 30), is a special day for Jennifer Winget, as she is celebrating her birthday. Yes! It is the ‘Happy Wala Birthday’ of our dear Jennifer Winget. And on this special occasion, we take a look at the times she won hearts with her ‘honest and truthful’ statements about life. Jenny has always worn her heart on her sleeves. From love, regrets, heartbreaks to social causes, here are the times birthday girl Jennifer Winget proved that she is a true ‘influencer’

Love being a fairytale story

We grow up believing that love is like a fairytale that comes with all things good. What no one points out is how hard it is to live up to love or the tests along the way, small or big. We should never close our doors on love.

Not terming unsuccessful Relationship or Marriage as ‘Failed’

Failed is too harsh a term to refer to something you gave your best to and tried hard at. It has not left me disillusioned. We should never close our doors on love. Why should it be restricted to a companion? There is no lack of love in my life. I have never been this happy and loved. I am in love all the time. Marriage is a beautiful institution and it’s amazing if two people want to be together. However, the decision has to be mutual; it’s teamwork.

Dealing with heartbreaks

It’s sad when any relationship, not just marriage, doesn’t have a fruitful ending. I had lived with him for so long, so it obviously took me a while to deal with the situation. I experienced a gamut of emotions, but I was so strong that I came out of it without any trouble. Also, I had a lovely support system in my family and friends. Today, all of us are in a happy space.

Social Responsibilty as an Icon

Responsibility for me is to be myself – which is not perfect. No one is perfect. We all have issues. As long as people know the real side of me, i.e. my flaws and issues, it is real. I don’t wake up looking like this. There is a whole village that helps me look like this. People should understand that when they say they want to look like me.


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Voicing against Animal Cruelty

I’ve heard of cruel, evil and disgusting people tying their dogs out in the sun, not giving them proper food and water. It’s disgusting. Human begins can walk out anytime they want, but animals have to suffer through the atrocities. The future (young generation) must lend their voice to these animals, who are unable to speak and express what they feel. Pets give us unconditional love, they stressbusters. When you look into the eyes of any animal, all you see is love; there’s no complaint or blame, there’s just love. And the least they expect from us is to love them back. If we can’t do that we fail as human beings. Animals, pets or strays, are not our commodities, they’re not machines. They are living creatures. We share this planet with them. There’s a reason why they’re here, we cannot mistreat them.


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Feminism – A call for Equality

Women Empowerment, Women’s rights, are actually basic human rights. Some of us may cringe at the word Feminism – but Feminism is gender equality and Men, gender equality is your issue too. It’s not man-hating when you fight for women, guys! And I say this to the lovely ladies and the boys and men too. Gender stereotypes pull us down as much as they do to us. Why aren’t we fighting for each other and empowering the other? My point here is, we’re in this together, men and women alike.


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Not holding grudges

We are all human beings, and no one is perfect. How will I learn if I don’t make mistakes? I will tell my future children also to make as many mistakes as they can because that’s how they will learn. There is no ideal man, woman or relationship. Life is full of ups and downs. I would have been a different person if this marriage and divorce hadn’t happened. I’ve also got so much love from his parents. I regret nothing and feel blessed instead. I’ve come out as a better, stronger, more loving and kickass person because of whatever happened. Earlier, I was impulsive and would get carried away. Now, I pause and think before doing something.

No regret and repent policy

I don’t have the time to think about my past, and I don’t think I need to. I don’t regret anything that has happened in my life.

Here’s wishing the DIVA, Jennifer Winget, a very Happy Birthday! Keep smiling and spreading joy! 

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