kapil sharma

Kapil Sharma is one of the most loved and popular celebs in the industry. Kapil is best known for his show, The Kapil Sharma Show. Over the years, Kapil has been very vocal about his journey. The comedian-TV host, who is also an actor, has had ups and downs in his journey. Now, in a recent interview, Kapil opened up about the dark phase in his life. The comedian-actor revealed that he had once thought of ending his life.

Kapil reveals having suicidal thoughts

In his recent appearance in Aaj Tak’s Seedhi Baat, Kapil was asked to share an advice for those who feel depressed or lonely in life. Kapil said, “As a public figure, crores of people know you, you entertain them, but when you come home, you are alone. You are also not in a situation to live a normal life where you can go out, sit on the beach and look at the sea. You live in a two-room flat, and when it’s dark outside by evening, I cannot explain how bad the feeling is in that situation.”

When asked if he had any suicidal thoughts, Kapil said that the failure of his debut film Firangi and his fall out with comedian-actor Sunil Grover affected his mental health. He said, “In that phase, I thought about committing suicide. I thought there is nobody with whom I can share what I feel. The place where I come from, mental health is not something that is discussed. I don’t think this was the first time that I went through this phase. Maybe, during childhood, I must have felt low, but nobody would have noticed.”

Kapil added that he came out of that phase and that his battle with depression taught him how to enjoy little things in life.

Kapil is currently busy promoting his upcoming film, Zwigato. In the film, Kapil plays a food delivery agent. The Nandita Das directorial also stars Shahana Goswami and is slated to release on March 17, 2023.

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