Pratik Sehajpal has a girlfriend? Neha Bhasin EXPOSES him in a Twitter war with his sister

In a surprising turn of events, Twitterati just saw a Twitter war between Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal’s sister Prerna Sehajpal. As Pratik Sehajpal is battling out in the house with the housemates, on the other hand, we see a war between these two ladies. However, what grabbed everyone’s attention was when Neha mentioned that ‘Pratik is not single.’ Bhasin told Prerna that Pratik is pretending to be single on the show while also alleged that he runs after women.

Neha tweeted, “Dearest @PrernaSehajpal  I am appalled at how cute you are. Your brother is not single you and I both know he has a girlfriend and is pretending to be single on the show. My last suggestion to you is don’t mess with me. Main mooh khol doongi bohot zyada. You won’t like it.” While in another tweet the singer claimed that the Bigg Boss 15 contestant and she were honest friends in Bigg Boss OTT but after which she has seen nothing honesty about him. Furthermore, Neha even warned Prerna not to mess with her.

She wrote, “You instigated hate, character assistant ion and mass bullying against me @PrernaSehajpal the world has seen it. Pratik and I were honest friends in OTT after which I have seen nothing honest about you two. Don’t wage a war against me I am the worst person to mess with.

Reacting to the same accusations and hitting back at Neha, Prerna shared her story and wrote, “The only problem I see that you have with Pratik is that acc you he has a GF and he isn’t accepting it! But why are you so bothered by that sweetie? It’s his personal life and why would you want to interfere his so-called friend! Don’t give me Dhamiks please won’t work with me! And enough of you just being on one chapter of him running after girls and stuff as I think you don’t understand the meaning of friendship also,” adding that she should concentrate on her life instead of Pratik’s.

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