EXCLUSIVE: Ronit Roy opens up about being jobless and overcoming financial struggles; says, “I thought maybe acting is not in my destiny”

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Ronit Roy is all set to create magic on-screen with his latest web series Candy in which he will be seen alongside Richa Chadha. Ronit is one of the most critically acclaimed actors and he has always aced his characters to the T. But in a recent conversation with us, Ronit opened up about not having the most smooth ride when it comes to his acting career. The actor revealed that he was jobless for quite some time right after his debut movie and he was being to question if acting was the path for him. But Ronit said that he chose to stay positive and took up small roles that were impactful.

Talking about being jobless after a very successful debut film, Ronit Roy told Bollywood Bubble, “My debut film was a silver jubilee, so when your debut film is a silver jubilee toh aese lagat hai ‘bus ab mein star hoon, ab kya?’. Then from there, came a point when I had no work at all. That time I thought maybe acting is not in my destiny. But that does not mean I left it. I used to do a good episode or a good role if I was offered. Small small bits, small pieces of work. But that thought was there, that maybe it is not in our destiny to become an actor. Because I truly believe that to become an actor you have to have it in your destiny. Anyways that was a natural progression because kaam hi nai tha.”

Talking about his financial struggles during recent times, Ronit had revealed in earlier interviews that Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Johar and other Bollywood stars had come to his rescue. Talking about it Ronit said, “I am a spendthrift, I try very hard but I can’t save money. So I forcibly put myself in SIPs, in various equities. So I had this all on auto-debit. I was doing it for quite a number of years, when this time came last year, March onwards. The company did not have any money, because everything suddenly shut down. So the people who owed me money for the services said that ‘let things open up then we will give you the payment’. But with my internal staff, someone just had a newborn child, someone’s wife is pregnant and about to deliver, someone’s mother is ailing, another’s father is hospitalized. It is just bad for everyone and it is nobody’s fault. The only person who can do anything in this situation is me. It was very simple for me that If I dont do it at this time, then when will I do it. So we decided that no matter how long it lasts we will support all the families. I sold whatever I had and thought let it go when it will come then I will make more.”

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