YRKKH Spoiler Alert: Kartik and Sirat are SHOCKED to see Ranveer’s agressive avatar

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is undoubtedly one of the most loved shows on Indian Television. With Shivangi Joshi as Sirat and Mohsin Khan as Kartik, YRKKH is entertaining fans with unexpected twists and turns. The show also saw the entry of Karan Kundrra as Ranveer, who is the ex-lover of Sirat. Ranveer’s entry into Kartik and Sirat’s life has created havoc.

While viewers are excited about Kartik and Sirat being engaged, the upcoming twist in YRKKH will leave them shocked. Naturally, Sirat wants to meet Ranveer, but her past is stopping her. Though she is trying to put up a shield to her emotions, Kartik fathoms the pain that she must be going through. Kartik assures Sirat that the bond that they share will not get affected if she meets or decides to be with Ranveer. But, Sirat keeps her distance from Ranveer.

However, after a lot of efforts, Kartik finally convinces Sirat to meet Ranveer. He advises Sirat to sort out her differences and misunderstandings with Ranveer. Kartik and Sirat eventually got to the hospital to meet Ranveer. But, things don’t the way planned, and rather take a U-turn. Upon seeing Kartik and Sirat, Ranveer loses his cool. Yes!

Ranveer will get extremely aggressive in the upcoming episode of YRKKH as he sees Sirat and Kartik in the hospital. The reason behind Ranveer’s aggression might be his possessiveness for Sirat. Yes, he seems to not like seeing Kartik and Sirat together, and thus turned aggressive. To vent out his anger, Ranveer, destroyed the hospital room and breaks the commodities.

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Kartik and Sirat will get shocked and scared to see this side of Ranveer’s nature. Will they mend things or will the situation worsen? Only time will tell. But, Kartik is aware of Ranveer’s secret from the past, which might change the plot.

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