YRKKH Spoiler Alert: Sirat gets emotional as she finds Akshu safe; Kartik to realise his mistake?

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starring Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan has been dishing out some interesting episodes off late. The current track of YRKKH has not only left the Goenka family worried, but also the viewers. Kartik and Naira’s little angel, Akshu (Akshara) has gone missing. It so happened, Kartik had left Sirat and Akshu Alone, so that the two spend quality time with each other. However, tables turned drastically and Akshu went missing.

The Goenka family pointed fingers at Sirat for her carelessness, and Kartik also got upset with her for leaving Akshu alone. Everyone in the Goenka family started searching for Akshu, but their efforts went in vain as the little one was nowhere to be found. Now, in the upcoming episode of YRKKH, Sirat will finally find Akshu, and Kartik will realise his mistake.

It will so happen, while looking for Akshu, Sirat will find one of her socks on the ground. She will inform Kartik about it and tell him that Askhu might have gone a little far while crawling. But, Kartik will slam Sirat and tells her that his Baby Askhu is not old enough to crawl.

Despite Kartik’s rude behaviour, Sirat will be on her words and continues searching for Akshu. After a long of efforts, Sirat will finally find Akshu. Yes, Sirat will get hold of Askhu and get emotional. Kartik and the Goenka family will also breathe a sigh of relief as Akshu is found, and feel guilty for blaming Sirat.

As Akshu crawls, Kartik realises his mistake, that despite being the father, he did not realise his baby can now crawl. Kairav will ask the Goenka family members to celebrate this occasion as Naira had celebrated his crawling too. Later, the Goenka family hold a small ceremony to mark the special occasion.

Well, as it is said, ‘All is well that ends well.’ But, new twists in Sirat and Kartik’s life await as Ranveer (Karan Kundrra) enters the show. Are you excited? Let us know.

Here’s how Kartik, Sirat and Goenka family celebrated after Akshu was found in YRKKH:


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