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Watch: Rakhi Sawant’s message for Ajaz Khan and his movie ‘Love Day’ will leave you in splits

Rakhi Sawant is one person who can go to extents to get noticed. Her controversial comments on industry elites to her abusive language, she has often landed herself in trouble. But has that ever bothered the item girl? No.

And she strikes back and how.

It was a few days back that Rakhi posted a video wishing her dear friend Ajaz Khan all the best for his upcoming release, ‘Love Day’ and after the Censor Board gave ‘Love Day’ an A certificate, Rakhi again recorded a video of showing her concern towards Ajaz and his film. But for what Rakhi is, she has made the video, unintentionally (or intentionally?) funny.

Even though we see genuine concern in the start, her stints start getting weirder and weirder as the video progresses. From panning the camera to showcase her assets to finally showing her true colours by abusing the Censor Board, we couldn’t have expected anything lesser from Rakhi, afterall.