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A drunk Ram Gopal Varma calls Tiger Shroff a ‘WOMAN’, Vidyut Jammwal exposes

Just yesterday, we had reported about Ram Gopal Varma’s tweets over Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jammwal. The filmmaker was calling for a fight between Tiger and Vidyut openly claiming that the former has the power to knock down the latter with one single punch.

Following this, Vidyut Jammwal had a telephonic conversation with Ram Gopal Varma wherein the filmmaker spoke utter rubbish in his drunken state. While in his tweets he was favouring Tiger Shroff, in the telephonic conversation, Mr Varma had a completely different story to narrate. He called Tiger Shroff a woman and also made use of foul language to address him.

In his defence, Vidyut posted the recording of this conversation on Twitter and exposed Ram Gopal Varma’s double standards.

Here’s the recording.

This is highly disappointing. Previously, RGV had passed a lewd comment and referred to Tiger Shroff as ‘bikini babe’. Later on, he had justified his comment by stating that Tiger and his father Jackie Shroff are his good friends and he just meant good for Tiger.

We wonder what Tiger and Jackie Shroff have to say after listening to this telephonic conversation between Vidyut and RGV. (Also Check: Ram Gopal Varma is sure that Tiger Shroff can finish off Vidyut Jammwal with one single punch)


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