Adhyayan Suman: I was shamed and humiliated on my #MeToo story

Image Source - midday

The #MeToo movement has taken Bollywood by storm, ever since Tanushree Dutta raised her voice against Nana Patekar for sexually harassing her on the sets of ‘OK Horn Pleassss’, women have been opening up on the subject with a vengeance causing the fall of many eminent Bollywood celebrities. The accusations of the victims have been taken seriously and they have received support too.

Actor Adhyayan Suman who had a couple of years back opened up on his ordeal while being in a relationship with actress Kangana Ranaut has now claimed that he was not given support nor sympathy.

Adhyayan had accused former girlfriend Kangana Ranaut of physically and emotionally abusing him throughout their relationship. He also claimed that she did black magic on him. He received sympathy from few with many lashing out at him for trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame.

Now that the #MeToo movement is gaining momentum in the country, Adhyayan opened up once again on how he was shamed and humiliated when he had shared his experience in a series of tweets.

He tweeted, “I was clearly told that a guy with a failed career doesn’t have the right to share his painful and dark experience.”

He further added, “I am happy that at least this movement is giving a chance to all the people who have had to suppress their dark and depressing experiences for so long… I hope all these people at least get their closure without being judged the way I was!”

Check out his tweets here:

Last year, in an interview with an Entertainment website, Adhyayan had said that he had “forgiven Kangana completely”. “Being in love with the right person has helped me to forgive, forget and move on in life,” he said.

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