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It is no secret that Adhyayan Suman has had an ugly break-up in the past that had made headlines for many reasons. The actor had shared his side of the story in an interview post his break-up with his then-girlfriend that got him a lot of backlash. The actor was bashed for what he said and it did not go well. In an exclusive chat with us, Adhyayan said that people were beginning to call him the next Vivek Oberoi and that his career was all set to go downhill. But Adhyayan said that he ‘knew the repercussions of it and that is exactly what happened’ but he knew there were people who were divided in their take on the situation.

Adhyayan told Bollywood Bubble, “But, the good thing is that there were some people, the audience people in the industry and it was divided. It was sort of 60-40, 70-30 I would say 70% probability of people not believing me. 30 per cent said that maybe what this boy is saying was just an emotional outburst. That is all I wanted. Naahi meh jinke baare meh baat kar rahah tha unko defame karna chahta tha,nahi meh publicity chahta tha. Because aesi publicity se kisiko kaam nai milta life meh. I am always stern about the fact that if you have talent then no one can stop you. So wanting to gain publicity out of this was, out of the question. But the thing was, that people were publically talking about me that I used someone.”


Adhyayan further continued that while he was away from the limelight a certain interview on television made him change his life around. Adhayan opened up that he was being labelled as the next Vivek Oberoi for having a failed career and a broken relationship, “I had not spoken once in years, so it was important that I speak once and finish it off. So you see I dont go around giving press conferences. I don’t go around speaking in the media. I spoke to one paper. Fir mene uss baath ko chod diya. Because the truth is like water, no matter how much you try to hold it, it will seep out of somewhere. So I thought that when the time will come people will get to know the truth and even if they dont, it’s ok. So I closed that chapter very respectfully and I moved forward. I never said that no one knows their work, I had a relationship with someone, I just shared that. People that, that person is has so many awards, but I said that I respect that person a lot. That she came from nowhere and achieved this success in life. So I was not talking about that. I had a personal relationship and I was just giving my closure then I moved forward.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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