EXCLUSIVE: Ajay Devgn and Rakul Preet Singh open up about lack of multi starrers in Bollywood

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Ajay Devgn was recently seen with Bollywood’s legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan and Rakul Preet Singh in Runway 34. Multi starrers in Bollywood are a rare sight but now it happens frequently. It was earlier said that it was because two big stars did not want to share the same screen space but Ajay Devgn has a different opinion. We sat down for a candid chat with Ajay and Rakul when they opened up about the lack of multi starrers in Bollywood.

Ajay told Bollywood Bubble, “No even in 90s where it used to happen so much. 2 or 3 movies in 10 years.” Rakul added, “It is the story, never a trend. Nothing is a trend. It is the story that requires multi starrer.” The Singham star further added that it is more about the writing when it comes to multi starrers in Bollywood, “Today also if we have a script where we need two big stars or three big stars and of their roles are balanced and everything is balanced why won’t they do it? They will do it. But the problem is that there is no nobody to write balanced roles there. You need to do that.”

Ajay then spoke about the shift in Bollywood and regional movies to pan-India films which have become the need of the hour in today’s times in Entertainment said, “I’m sure it will happen because see now we’re talking about pan-India. We will have to work like this, we will have to do films. Like if they do an RRR and they come to Alia and Me, we will also have to do pan-India, we will also have to go to some of their actors, there’ll be synergy and you can make a pan-India film with two good actors. One from there one from here. You should do things like this of course.”


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Rakul further opened up about the kind of roles that are being written for women today, the actress said, “I think even in the 90s, the roles that were written for women were amazing I mean if you look at Tabu ma’am or Kajol ma’am- all of the big stars they’ve had some great films ahead of it’s time and even if it is balanced with a male actor, like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, they were not frivolous roles. I think there is always everything available, it is just that what is the conversation today about. 5 people will talk about something and that becomes the conversation. So I think that there has always been good roles for women, but having said that I think in the last few years, in terms of content we’re experimenting which is why it seems like ‘Oh women are doing so well.” Ajay added, “Even in this film she has had a fabulous growth”

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