Akshay Kumar signs the dotted lines for Bhushan Kumar’s ‘Mogul’ in a Shiva Temple

A yet another real-life story fell in Akshay Kumar‘s kitty when T-Series head Bhushan Kumar approached him with a film based on the life of Gulshan Kumar. A self-made man, Gulshan Kumar, is still remembered for being the most down-to-earth person in the film industry. Yet, this man had a tragic death. We all remember how he was brutally murdered outside a temple supposedly on the orders of an underworld gangster.

Now, Bhushan Kumar is all set to narrate his father’s life on celluloid and Akshay Kumar would be the one to essay Gulshan Kumar’s role in this film. Reports had it and both of them had confirmed about the project, but the dotted line was yet to be signed. Well, that has happened too and probably in the most holy way possible.

Akshay Kumar who was in Indore shooting for his another film called Bhushan Kumar to the holy city and then signed the film in a Shiva Temple. Now this temple is an ancient one or specifically a 300-year-old Shiva Temple and Akshay signed the film in early morning hours.

Here’s a picture of Bhushan Kumar and Akshay Kumar from the temple.

We have heard of celebrities visiting temples and durgahs to ensure good luck for their upcoming films, but probably it is for the first time that someone has signed a film, right beside Lord Shiva in a temple.

On this note, Bhushan Kumar quoted to Zoom, “Signing my father’s biopic inside a Shiv temple was surreal. I could feel my father’s presence with me sitting there next to the idol with Akshayji. I have no words to express what I felt.”

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