Blackbuck Poaching Case: Salman Khan paying price for his celebrity status, argues lawyer in his bail plea

Image Source - Twitter

Yesterday, Bollywood was left in a state of shock as Salman Khan got sentenced for five years in jail for allegedly killing two Blackbucks in 1998. The Jodhpur Court ruled out this verdict and stated that the star is a habitual offender. He was then taken to Jodhpur’s Central Jail where he had to spend the night. His lawyers have now filed for a bail plea in the sessions court. (Also Read: Salman Khan given cell number 106 in Jodhpur Central Jail. More details inside)

As per reports, his lawyer has submitted a 51 page application to the court and would be defending the star on 54 grounds. In the bail plea, the lawyer has argued that the star is paying the price for being a celebrity and the eye witnesses account, especially that of Poonam Chand, is not reliable. In the application it is stated that Poonam Chand lived 2 kilometers away from the said scene of crime and it is not possible for someone to come running so quickly from such a long distance on hearing the gun shots. Also, there is no evidence to prove the residual of gun shot at the stated crime scene.

The session court will hear Salman’s bail plea at 10.30 am today.