EXCLUSIVE: Mahima Chaudhry shares the story behind doing Dhadkan: Had gone to say NO, but I couldn’t

Mahima Chaudhry stepped into Bollywood alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Pardes. With her acting skills, power-packed performance and innocence, Mahima left everyone startled. Many saw a rising star in her, but things turned upside down after her Road accident. While she had no hope of coming back to the cinema, God had different plans for her. In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Mahima Chaudhry spilled the beans on how she ended up doing Dhadkan.

She played the role of Sheetal Varma in Dhadkan, which starred Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar, and Suniel Shetty in the lead roles. Revealing how Dhadkan happened to her, Mahima Chaudhry said, “I did a film with Dharmesh Darshan, Dhadkan. The film was already ready but had not been released. He told me that they’re thinking of the end, where earlier Sunil Shetty dies in the plot. But, they wanted to make it a more ‘now kind’ of a film. Dharmesh told me that they wanted to brush it up and bring in a new love angle.”

“He (Dharmesh Darshan) came and met me. I was like, I have done too many walk-in parts, and everyone says that I’ve become this ‘special appearance Heroine .’ So, the next day, before the shoot, I decided to go to his house and tell him No,” shared Mahima.

“I and my manager went to see him and just said, ‘Sir, we’ve just come to see you.’ He was like, ‘Oh very good, come let me show you the film.’ Then I see the film, and in the first three reels, it’s like this guy is so in love with her. And then the girl comes and says that she does not want to marry him, and the boy’s mother dies. I was like ‘Oh My God, I hope that guy does not end up with her, he needs someone else. And I was like, I want to be that someone else.’ (Mahima shares excitingly),” she continued.

Mahima was intrigued by the story of Dhadkan and was ready to be a part of it. However, her manager was not convinced of her playing a small part. “But, my manager told me, Nahi nahi nahi, it’s just two days role, it’s just a guest appearance,” she said. Mahima did not listen to her manager and told him, “You watch you, I’m going to do this. I want this guy to get someone better.”

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The actress also shared how she was happy to be in action after her horrific road accident. “I was so grateful to be back. When they told me to smile on the camera, I smiled, no matter how tired I was. They said, this is a small part, I did it, this is a big part, I did it,” she told us.

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