EXCLUSIVE: Rohit Saraf has the most EPIC replies to ‘thirsty’ fan comments on marriage, dating and more; Watch

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With his good looks and charming personality, Rohit Saraf earned the title of ‘National Crush’ of 2020. Yes! Viewers loved not only loved his performances in Ludo and Mismatched but also drooled over handsome looks. In a recent chat with Bollywood Bubble, Rohit Saraf responded to some of the fans’ comments and messages. While some were thirsty, some were just kind and sweet and others, very weird.

From going on dates to marriage, fans asked everything and anything, and Rohit Saraf answered them all in an ‘epic’ way. The young star’s fans also left him flattered with some cheesy and cheeky pickup lines. A fan asked Rohit to go on a non-date with her, and he sweetly replied, “So, right now I’m at a point, where I’m not okay with going on a non-date with anyone. But, when that does happen in my life, when I feel like I want to, I will.”

When another fan asked the requirements for going on a ‘non-date’ with Rohit, he promptly replied, “First, I must be open to it. Second, there are no requirements (laughs). I will just wait to be open.” Another user cheekily messaged Rohit, ‘Take my heart,’ he said, “Thank You very much. I shall keep it with me forever, and treasure it.”

Another female fan directly proposed Rohit Saraf for marriage and tagged him as ‘future husband.’ To which, Rohit spontaneously replied, “Baatao, me non-date jaane ke liye ready nahi hu, aapko sidha shaadi karni hai mujhse.” Ask him if his parents are planning his marriage anytime soon, Rohit said, “Nahi, are you mad! I’m 24, I’m a bacha right now. I haven’t put a timeline to marriage, I will do it when I want to.”

Here’s Rohit Saraf responding to all fan comments:

Well, Rohit’s spontaneity and go all-out attitude will definitely leave you in splits. So, don’t forget to watch the national crush, Rohit Saraf, replying to all thirsty fan comments.

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