IFFI 2018: Janhvi Kapoor recites an emotional self-written poem for mom Sridevi

Image Source - youtube.com, indianexpress.com

Earlier, this year veteran actress Sridevi passed away under mysterious circumstances and the Kapoor household has never been the same again! The later actress’ eldest daughter Janhvi Kapoor is still missing her very much. The tragedy struck at the worst moment for Janhvi, as she and her mom were looking forward to the release of ‘Dhadak’ (Janhvi’s maiden film).

Yesterday Janhvi Kapoor was seen with father Boney Kapoor attending the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa. During the event, Janhvi recited a self-written poem for her late mother Sridevi. The video of the recital has been shared by one of the fan clubs of Janhvi Kapoor on Instagram.

Watch the video:

As per a report in Mumbai Mirror, Janhvi shared how her personal growth has been “tremendous” and she has emerged stronger in the trying times amid the untimely death of her mother. In a conversation with Rumi Jaffery, Janhvi said, “It’s harder to say anything… When I say ‘growth’, I mean personal growth, I don’t know about artistic. This year brought me both the worst and the best experience of my life. It’s a little strange… Our family is now united, so that is very big thing for me.”

Janhvi further added that the tragedy is still hurting, but now she is coming to terms with it. The daughter of Boney Kapoor also said that her family has been a great strength during this hard and difficult times.

We certainly hope that Janhvi gathers enough courage and strength to overcome this harsh period in her life. As the old adage goes, ‘time is the best healer’, we are sure the young actress will come out of this phase even stronger.

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