‘Indoo Ki Jawani’s co-producer Monisha Advani: Our intention was pure and clear that the movie will go to theatres

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Kiara Advani‘s ‘Indoo Ki Jawani’ is all set for a theatrical release on December 11. We recently had a telephonic conversation with Emmay Entertainment‘s co-producer, Monisha Advani, where she spoke about ‘Indoo Ki Jawani’s theatrical release, about the movie and the actors. She said, “We were very determined and wanted to act very supportively and made sure that we support the industry and go back to theatres and that was very very important and which is why we were very sure that our film ‘Indoo Ki Jawani’ is one that we will feel confident to bring to the theatres. It is a light-hearted entertaining film. I think it was the time that we brought some good news into people’s lives. This is a nice film for us to bring to our audiences and take our chances with. This is not to say that we are 100 % sure people will come. We know it’s a challenge and going to be an uphill task but we believe that our little film will take the challenge on and I also believe that at the end of the day, we will be part of this big pandemic history where we will have one small line which will say that we are one of the first films that came back to the theatres.”

She added, “I am proud to say that we are doing it with a female-oriented film. I am hopeful that along with the entertainment, audiences will see the sentiments with which we have made this film.”

Clarifying the reports of the film following the route to OTT earlier, Monisha said there was never the intention to take the film to OTT. “Our intention was pure and clear that this movie will go to theatres and then it will go to other routes,” she said.


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When asked about her expectations from ‘Indoo Ki Jawani”s theatrical release, she said, “This weekend the kind of performance ‘Tenet’ has brought forward, it has earned almost 5 crores all over India. It is an encouraging number because it tells that people want to go to the theatres. There are enquiries coming to me for block booking, families wanting to take a full theatre, enquiries for smaller screens with 30-40 seats available so that block booking can be done. I think for me it’s a very interesting thing to see this trend. It proves that Indian audience likes to watch films also as a community which is fascinating. Normally before my release, I would be very nervous because there would be 10 people trying to take bets on what my opening numbers will be. Everyone is wishing me for the movie and it’s a wonderful feeling of togetherness. Sometimes it’s good to also work from the heart rather than from the head and this is one of those times where our decisions are clearly driven by our heart and not by our head.”

Monisha was also all praise for the team of ‘Indoo Ki Jawani’. While talking about Kiara Advani and Aditya Seal, she said, “Kiara is such a bubbly personality. More than that she is a very intuitive actress. She is really one of the finest young talents we have got and she has got a long career ahead of her. We are really pleased that we could have her in our film. Aditya Seal lost his father to Covid during the shoot and I must salute the boy because he is a thorough professional. He reported back on the set and completed the shoot.”

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