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Javed Akhtar calls for end to azaan on loudspeakers; netizens call him ‘atheist’

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Writer, poet and lyricist, Javed Akhtar more often grabs the headlines for his opinions on social and political issues. Now, he has faced the wrath of netizens for his tweet on ‘Azaan’. In his tweet, Akhtar wrote that Azaan on the loudspeakers causes ‘discomfort’.

“In India for almost 50 yrs Azaan on the loud speak was HARAAM Then it became HaLAAL n so halaal that there is no end to it but there should be an end to it Azaan is fine but loud speaker does cause of discomfort for others I hope that atleast this time they will do it themselves”(sic), he tweeted.

Check his tweet here.

A section of netizens slammed Javed Akhtar for his tweet on Azaan.

One user wrote, “Disagree with your opinion. Plz. Don’t pass such comments which is related to Islam & belief.” while one commented, “And you and Sonu nigam and many who have been thinking that during azaan they disturb. Then keep your ears close.”

Check the comments here.

When a user asked Javed Akhtar for his opinion on loudspeakers being used in temples, he replied, “Whether it’s a temple or a mosque, if you’re using loudspeakers during a festival, it’s fine. But it shouldn’t be used everyday in either temples or mosques. For more than thousand years Azaan was given without the loudspeaker. Azaan is the integral part of your faith, not this gadget.”

Earlier, Javed Akhtar requested his Muslim fellowmen to stay at home and offer their prayers during the month of Ramzan.

Well, sometimes the 75-year-old out of concern says what he feels right, but people take it in a different way.

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