Katrina Kaif hits back at Varun Dhawan for calling her ‘more interesting on social media than real life’

Image Source - Instagram

Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan have a fun chemistry. The two have been making fun of each other at every given opportunity and pulling each other’s legs. However, the two haven’t yet been able to work together in any film. They were almost about to work together in ‘Street Dancer’ but Katrina had to opt out at the nth moment and let Shraddha Kapoor walk in. At Arbaaz khan‘s show, Katrina spoke a lot about Varun and her friendship with him.

It so happened that when Varun had come on ‘Pinch’, he had said that Katrina’s social media presence was more interesting that her actual self. He had said it with a tone of fun and frolic. Katrina hadn’t reacted on that yet, but when she came on Arbaaz’s show, she couldn’t stop herself from taking a funny dig at VD. Check out what happened right here:

Katrina was asked to name one person who suffers from Social Media Addiction, and without batting an eyelid, she said, “Varun Dhawan.” Arbaaz went on to inform Kat that even Karan Johar had said the same about Varun to which Katrina started laughing and said, “Haha. Got him back!” Not only that, Katrina even went on to say, “That’s what he gets for calling me more interesting on social media than real life.” Well, Katrina slid that jibe very cleverly in between her words and laughter.

It’s known by all that Varun along with Arjun Kapoor used to have a ‘I Hate Katrina Kaif Club’ during her early days in the film industry. However, that is a thing of the past and they all have become friends. Now that we missed seeing VD and Kat onscreen on ‘Street Dancer’ we hope to see the two superstars onscreen in any other film soon.

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