Kushan Nandy to file a defamation case against Chitrangada Singh?

The latest buzz that shocked everyone was Chitrangada Singh‘s shocking revelation about ‘Babumoshai Bandukbaaz’ director Kushan Nandy. Apparently, Kushan used foul language and forced the actress to perform certain intimate scenes with Nawazuddin Siddiqui for the film. Completely frustrated with his acts, Chitrangada is said to have walked out of the project and since then, a lot is being said and done about this controversy.

A latest update on same states that now the director has decided to file a case against Chitrangada for defaming him. According to the reports, Kushan Nandy is planning to file a suit against the actress for maligning his image in public and wrongly accusing him for the acts which he never performed.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who plays the lead in this film too, had come out in support of the director. He had said that Kushan is a gentlemen and whatever Chitrangada is saying is wrong. He had said, “We did a normal scene. There was nothing unacceptable about what we shot. The incident being described did not happen. Kushan is a decent soft spoken person. He’s a gentleman, incapable of crass behaviour.”

Now, let’s wait and watch, what happens next.

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