Aditya Roy Kapur with Shraddha Kapoor

‘Love Makes Life Live’ was the tag line of one of the biggest musical hits of Hindi cinema… Aashiqui. the iconic image of a couple under a coat, presumably kissing. Twenty three years ago, it electrified the landscape of that time, and you can still see the glimmer of its afterglow on the backs of auto rickshaws in Mumbai city today. 22 years later, the dream is the same, the dreamers have changed.


As per information,Mahesh Bhatt said,” I was aware from the very beginning that the high standards that Aashiqui had set would be an albatross around our neck But when Shagufta Rafique came up with the heartbreaking narrative of ‘grown-up’ love, I suddenly felt that we perhaps had the beginnings of a worthy contender to the first-born. And when Mohit Suri gave this film soul, with great music s I could smell the scent of roses everywhere. On the eve of Holi, I went for my usual evening walk by Juhu beach. I was suddenly waylaid by eight or 10 enthused young men in their late teens. “Sir, great song, Aashiqui 2 super hit hogi!” they said and mimicked the image of the boy and the girl under the coat and laughed.I get the feeling that this is just the beginning. The beginning of something good.”

Looks like a new trend of couples under the coat will be set this year.