Naseeruddin Shah and Vikrant Massey’s short film ‘Half Full’ in race for Oscar entry

Image Source - Instagram

Short film ‘Half Full’ starring Naseeruddin Shah and Vikrant Massey, alongwith ‘Counterfeit Kunkoo’ were declared winners at the ShortsTV’s Best of India Short Film Festival 2019, held in Los Angeles. Now, this has led the film closer to enter the race for the coveted Oscar awards.

An elated Naseeruddin told IANS, “The fact that it turned out to be a good film is what matters to me more than any award. I guess it (winning the award) is of great importance to get the film high profile…to make sure it gets seen, so naturally, I am happy about it. This way the film will gain a lot of attention.” 

He further added, “It was a night’s shoot. I found it enjoyable. It’s very effective and makes its point very cleverly,”

Helmed by Karan Rawal, the short film ‘Half Full’ is 12 minutes long and it deals with the struggles of a young man played by Vikrant Massey who meets an old man (Naseeruddin)one night and they end up having a vague conversation.

Both Naseeruddin and Vikrant are terrific actors so we just can’t imagine how great the short film must have been for both of them to agree to be a part of it.

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