Open to acting in any form: Annup Sonii

Annup Sonii loved working in his first short film and how!

Open to acting in any form: Annup Sonii

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Annup Sonii

Actor Annup Sonii, who is a veteran in Television and films, is venturing into the medium of short films with Ritika Bajaj Vijra‘s ‘Ab Rab Havale’, and says he is open to acting in any medium and form provided the character interests him.

“I have worked in TV and films for a long time. I would love to do short films and web series if they offer me something different,” he said.

‘Ab Rab Havale’ is set on the backdrop of 1947 India-Pakistan partition and narrates the stirring story of a family that has to leave behind a loved one and step into a new country with tons of grief.

“Ritika has worked with a few common friends before. She told me about the project and I immediately said I wanted to do this,” Annup added.

The actor earlier appeared in a students short film. However,this is the first time that he tried his hands on a short film with professional set up.

Watch the film below:

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