People would make fun that my father has two wives – Alia Bhatt

The toast of Bollywood Alia Bhatt,  has at last gained recognition with her powerhouse performance in Imtiaz Ali’s Highway. Her next ‘2 State’s with Arjun Kapoor too is being appreciated.This young talented daughter of Mahesh Bhatt  found it emotionally tough to accept that her father had two families. This had an impact on her at a very tender age.


According to sources, Alia said, “When I was growing up, people would make fun of me in school that my father had two wives. For some reason, I was not embarrassed as he was staying in my house. Probably had he not been living with me, it would have affected me in a different way. But I do have this fear of my father and mother not being together. ”

She further added, “I created this family BBM group which has my sister, my mom, my father and me only and my father says, ‘I love this group.’ We would earlier always be doing our own thing where he would not even know which class I was in. Of course now he wants to know everything about which shoot I am going for the next day and how much money I am getting. We are finally talking to each other.

Alia Bhatt is much closer at present to her father, and share a good equation with him today.