Prernaa Arora: I’m determined to restart work without any fear

Image Source - Instagram

Prernaa Arora is back with her second innings in life as she is starting some new projects as a creative producer under the banner of Mandiraa Entertainment Pvt Ltd. In an interview with Mid-Day, Prernaa spoke her heart out and said, “I’m determined to restart work without any fear as I have done no wrong, wrong was done to me. I will be fearless and without hesitating, I will seek help and raise my voice as and when required. If anyone tries to demean me by talking about the past I will not hold back at all, I will openly show my bank statements which is my biggest weapon they say na dhoodh ka dhoodh panni ka panni. My victory lies there.”

Prernaa said they are announcing two films next week, in collaboration with two prominent actors who are co-producing the films. One is a thriller and the other is a psychological horror. “Keeping in mind the given pandemic we are making smart films,” she said.

When asked what she learned from her experiences in the past, Prernaa said, “Keep your mouth shut and work. Another important lesson was that I wanted to be a man in a man’s world, but now I want to be a woman and seek help when needed.” She also said that she regrets not reaching out to associations and bigwigs for the fear of getting misinterpreted. Apart from producing, Prernaa also wants to write and direct.

She also said that she will now stand up for herself. Also, Prernaa revealed that her final destination is politics as she believes that there is nothing better than serving the nation and the people of our country.

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