Ramesh Taurani REVEALS he had offered a film to Sushant Singh Rajput just a day before his tragic death

Image Source - Instagram

Producer Ramesh Taurani revealed that he spoke to Sushant Singh Rajput regarding a film. As per call detail records obtained by Times Now, Ramesh Taurani, Nikkhil Advani and Sushant’s agent Uday Singh Gauri were on a conference call for the narration of a film, on June 13.

When Taurani was asked if he was planning to sign Sushant, he said, “I was but I don’t want to comment on it.” When asked about Sushant’s mental health if there was anything he knew, he said, “I was calling him on the phone, mujhe kaise maalum padega (how would I know)?”.

While Sushant’s agent, Uday Singh Gauri giving more details about the conversation said, “We did a narration where Nikkhil Advani narrated an idea to him. You should actually corroborate this with Nikkhil Advani and Ramesh Taurani too. They had called me and I had called Sushant. It was a four-way conference call between Nikkhil Advani, Ramesh Taurani, myself and Sushant.”

He further said, “I was on the call but I was just hearing because the narration was being given by Nikkhil. Nikkhil was talking, Sushant was talking and Ramesh ji was talking. He (Sushant) was asking the right questions.”

“Nikkhil would ask as to what he understood. And he would say that ‘I have understood till this point’. Then he would take the conversation forward. So it was that kind of a conversation, it wasn’t very long,” he added.

Gauri said he called Sushant after the narration and when asked how it was, he reportedly told him that he liked the narration and that they should wait for the script.

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