Ranveer Singh’s Switzerland pics will make you hate your 9 to 5 job !

Ranveer Singh who is the Indian brand ambassador for Switzerland Tourism recently took a break from his busy shooting schedule to visit the country once again.

The actor has visited Switzerland for the 3rd time now! The actor in his earlier trips tried activities like paragliding, skydiving, wakeboarding, Olympia Bobrun and chocolate making.

This time also the actor hasn’t failed to make us jealous of his trip to this beautiful country. We have compiled all his trip pictures for you here:

Check out his pictures here:

1. When he posed with the perfect Switzerland view!

2. When he was on top of the world!

3. When the actor took a wild ride in the snow!

4. When he channeled his inner Freddie Mercury!

5. When he enjoyed a drink with some jazz in Montreux!

6. When he made us sail through the week with ease!

7. When he made us fall in love with the Chillon Castle!

8. When he posed in style for the camera at the Chillon Castle!

9. When he made vineyards look more beautiful with his presences!

10. When he gave us a sneak peek into the Charlie Chaplin world!

The actor never fails to make us go weak at our knees with his charm!