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Music-composer duo Sajid-Wajid have given us some of the most memorable songs. They are the sons of Sharafat Ali Khan, a table player. Wajid Khan, the younger of the two brothers, died yesterday after suffering a heart attack. He was not keeping well for the last few years owing to his kidney problem and diabetes.

After Wajid’s untimely death, his close friends Salim Merchant and Sonu Nigam shared some details about his deteriorating health over the last few years. They even revealed that the music composer’s families were so close-knit that, Sajid’s wife had donated her kidney to Wajid.


Speaking about Wajid’s deteriorating health, his close friend Salim Merchant had told Times of India, “Wajid had a kidney problem but fortunately, Lubna, his sister-in-law, Sajid’s wife, donated her kidney to Wajid. They are a very close-knit family and this was around six-seven months ago. Though the transplant was successful, he wasn’t keeping too well. What happened was that Sajid and Wajid became very busy working on the music of ‘Dabangg’ franchise and he exerted himself a lot. Eventually, he caught up with kidney infection.”

Singer Sonu Nigam also confirmed the same thing when he shared a heartfelt tribute for his brother Wajid. Speaking about Wajid’s death, Sonu shared, “Wajid had diabetes and he must have not taken care of his eating habits, and that’s why the pressure on his kidney must have increased. He lost his health and he was in very bad shape.” 

Praising Sajid’s wife for donating her kidney to Wajid, Sonu said, “Wajid’s sister-in-law Lubna is very great. It’s a very big feat to donate your kidney. Bahut bada jigra chahiye uske liye. I salute her. Wajid’s kidney transplant was successful. He had to stay away from infections as then his body immunity was zero. Later he was recovering but two months back he fell ill again. He even got infected with Covid-19 in the hospital. Sajid was lonely as no one was allowed to meet Wajid in the hospital after he contracted Coronavirus. We were preparing ourselves for the worst. If I had my way I would have taken a flight to India and spent some time with Wajid’s family. He has a 9-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter. It’s sad that such a talented person died too young and alone. I wished I could have met him.”

42-year-old Wajid was admitted to Surana Hospital in Chembur, Mumbai where he breathed his last on June 1.

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