Salman Khan on Bigg Boss house tour

Bollywood actor Salman Khan flagged off a Bigg Boss 6 bus, which will take people on a ride to the location of the show in Lonavala by which people can see live shooting coverage of Biggboss6.
During the BB6 house car  launch,Salman said,””I am lucky that I get to see all this up-close. But those who watch it on TV, even they must be wanting to see these celebrities. Such people can come here and take a tour of the bus.”

The bus will charge Rs.2,000 per person, and all the amount collected through the tours, will be donated to Salman`s NGO Being Human.


“Come and be a part of our show, experience what we are experiencing. Now, the whole ticket money and not just some part of it will go to the Being Human foundation,”Salman adds.
Most of the people will take biggboss6 tour so that they can meet or catch glimpses of Salman Khan,But Salman already clears the doubt by saying,People will not be misguided. Please don`t be under the misconception that you would see me if you travel in this bus. But you will see many others.

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