Did Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra’s rivalry come to an end at IIFA?

There was a time when Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra’s love affair was the talk of the town. They were considered to be the hottest couple in B-Town and were quite serious too! But as relationships change at the blink of an eye in this industry, theirs changed too! Love affair went sour and the two parted ways from each other. Since then, both of them had been giving cold shoulder to each other. Even at the recently held IIFA awards, both of them shared the stage, but did not great each other at all. But there one hot scoop!

An insider says that Shahid and Priyanka might not have greeted each other in front of everyone at IIFA, but they definitely shared a hug backstage post PeeCee’s performance.

Yes, according to a report in a leading daily, Sasha and PeeCee shared a warm hug backstage when the latter received the award for the Best actress in supporting role at IIFA. In fact, she not only received the best actress in supporting role, but she also bagged the ‘Woman of the Year’ award and hence, Shahid congratulated her with a hug.

Now, isn’t that great? Letting bygones be bygones is the best way to survive in this industry!

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