Shatrughan Sinha reacts on Ryan school murder case, calls for justice

Recently, we woke up to the shocking news of the murder of a seven-year-old child in Ryan International School, Gurugram. The child was murdered by the school bus conductor after he failed to sexually assault the child in a toilet. This disturbing incident has angered the entire nation and Bollywood too is fuming over it. Actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha too has reacted on the incident and called for immediate justice.

He wrote in a series of tweets, “From the moment a child is delivered by a parent to anyone or any place under the purview of a school management, till the time the child is delivered back safely, he is 100% the responsibility of the school management & its owners. In this area, we have seen far too many lapses.Time has come to hold school managements squarely accountable & culpable for any lapse resulting in harm to a child. Do hope that apart from the murderer, everyone else who is guilty of ommission or commision in the shocking and tragic death of little #Pradyumn of Ryan International School, is brought to book and punished.”

On Friday, the cops arrested the conductor named Ashok Kumar. They even arrested two top officials of the school on Monday and detained the acting principal. Father of the victim has moved to Supreme Court demanding a CBI probe into the matter. Earlier, Sanjay Dutt had also spoke about the incident with IANS. He had said, “Everybody has to be very careful as far as their kids are concerned. It’s a frightening time for parents regarding the security of their children. As a father, I always tell my kids to do their activity and come back home, spend time with us, spend time at home, because at least that is safer.” (Also Read: Sanjay Dutt: I was innocent then, I am still innocent)

We seriously hope that justice prevails in this case.