Watch: Sonali Bendre cried all night after being diagnosed with cancer

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Sonali Bendre is a Force to reckon with. Ever since the ‘Sarfarosh’ actress was diagnosed with cancer, she made sure to share every tiny moment of her journey and create awareness about the dreaded disease. The actress is back home after her treatment in London. She recently appeared on Neha Dhupia’s chat show, BFFs alongwith her close friends Sussanne Khan and Gayatri Oberoi.

On the show, while talking about her battle with cancer, Sonali broke down and praised her friends and family for being her pillar of strength.

A teaser of the show’s upcoming episode shows Sonali recalling the moment when she was diagnosed with cancer. “I hadn’t slept at all and that was the night when I acknowledged everything, accepted everything. This is it and this is going to be my last crying of how did I get this, why is this happening to me,” shared the teary-eyed actress.

While talking about the moment she decided she is done crying, the actress said,“From this moment on, it’s going to be happiness, it’s going to be smile. And when I saw the sun coming up, I clicked that and sent it to my friends and said, ‘Girls, switch on the sunshine’.”

Sonali shares a great bond with her friends Sussanne and Gayatri. In Sonali’s absence, it was her friends who made sure that her beloved book club runs smoothly. The actress who is an avid-reader couldn’t thank them enough for their help and sweet gesture.

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This is me. And in this moment, I am really happy. People give me strange looks when I say that now, but it's true and I'll tell you why. I am now paying attention to every moment, looking for every opportunity to find joy and #SwitchOnTheSunshine. Yes, there are moments of pain and low energy, but I am doing what I like, spending time with people I love, and feeling very loved and happy. I am extremely grateful to my friends, my pillars of strength, who at a moment's notice, arrived to be with me and help me through this. In between their busy schedules they find time to visit, call, message, FaceTime… basically never leaving a moment for me to feel alone. Thank you for showing me what true friendship is. #HappyFriendshipDay, ladies. Blessed to have you all in my life (including the ones not in the picture… You know who you are) @gayatrioberoi @suzkr P.S. Nowadays I spend far less time getting ready because I don't have to fuss over my hair! 😜#BaldIsBeautiful #FindThePositive #OneDayAtATime Picture credit: @hrithikroshan

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We are really very proud of Sonali as she has shown us all what living in the moment feels like. Thank You for being our source of inspiration Sonali.

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