Sonam Kapoor’s take on intolerance is indeed compelling

Sonam Kapoor, the lady who always grabbed attention with her strong opinions, has yet again managed to make heads turn with her strong views on the intolerance issue in India. Just like the other celebrities Sonam Kapoor too has some compelling thoughts over the recent trending topic of intolerance.

Even though the nation is fuming with rage over Aamir Khan’s comment on the issue of intolerance, Fashionista Sonam had guts to come out in open and share her views over the same. In a recent interview, she expressed her thoughts and said, “Such incidents are a throwback to the time when we were ruled by the British who thought that the best way to rule us was to divide us. But in spite of that, we prevailed. We have numerous communities, languages and so much diversity. This unnecessary hate-mongering is dangerous. Every religion preaches humanity.”

The lady who talks without any inhibitions further said, “You cannot dictate anyone to do something. We have our own individual choices and that should be respected. I will never tell anyone to eat or not to eat beef, who am I to stop anyone? That is completely wrong; to tell people what to do.”

Well, a strong opinion indeed!

As of the now, the standing tall lady is basking in the success of her recent blockbuster film ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ with Salman Khan.