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Sonu Sood is prepping for another kind deed; says, “In 2021, I want to make knee-transplant surgery my priority”

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Sonu Sood has selflessly given his entire lockdown time in the service of the citizens of the nation. He has almost put his life in the line to help the migrants reach back home, be it through Road or by air. The actor has been even bestowed with the Indian of the Year 2020 award and now many even call him a messiah.

While we thought that now he is going to take a breather after helping out so many people, looks like the actor is already planning about his next year and it includes some really good deeds that will only make you admire him all the more.

The ‘Happy New Year‘ is now planning to make knee-transplant surgery his priority next year. Talking about his future plans, Sonu told SpotboyE, “It is felt that the aged don’t need medical attention unless it’s a life-threatening illness. People tell me, ‘Why to concentrate on knee replacement for the old when you can use the same resources for heart operations of babies?’ But my logic is simple: your parents taught you to walk when you were a toddler, now it’s your turn to make sure they can walk.”


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He further added, “It’s not as though all children are insensitive to their parents’ needs. They do come forward to offer knee surgery when their parents need it. Often it is the parents who dissuade their children from using the money for their surgery. The children ask a few times and then use the money for other needs. That’s how the aged are neglected. I want to optimize knee surgery for the aged. They shouldn’t feel they are a useless neglected part of our society. In 2021 I want to make knee-transplant surgery my priority.”

Well, we hope that the actor keeps up his good work as the nation needs kind souls like him.

Stay tuned to this space for more such updates.

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