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Sunny Deol offers his clarification on #MeToo movement

Image Source - dnaindia.com

Bollywood celebs sometimes have the tendency to put their foot in the mouth by making irresponsible or controversial statements. Actor Sunny Deol is a very reserved personality and likes to keep his personal life very private. The ‘Border’ actor has now offered his clarification on his statement regarding the #MeToo movement that he had made in 2018. Sunny had said, “Let the world be. Let’s not hunt for things. Why do we need to get into why they haven’t come across or somebody has come across or this is what the world is doing. That’s the problem, everything has to be brought out.”

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Now, in an interaction with Zoom TV, Sunny Deol has set the record straight regarding his comments on #MeToo movement. Sunny said, “I’m always a believer of what is wrong is wrong, and what is right is right and for me, I have great respect for women because that’s the way we’ve been brought up. That’s the way I am, that’s the way our family is. I am a guy who would say when I was doing films, my sister comes and tells me, “that guy inappropriately touched me”, I would tell her, “let me rip apart his arm.” That time everybody said so gross, how can you do it.”

The ‘Darr’ actor further added, “I said, if anybody touches my sister, I’ll rip their arm apart. That’s what we believe in so what is wrong is wrong. That’s what my basic question is, my answer is that. Now we’re talking about it, it just goes on to the judgemental thing, that people misuse it, use it. Ye sabko samajh hai and the industry knows about it and when people know about it, people should instead of getting into it, they should take their call and not interact with these kinds of people or they should avoid it.”

The actor went on to say that any movement should not be misused. Sunny is always known for living a scandal-free life and doesn’t believe in making comments just for the sake of it.

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