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Tanushree Dutta blasts Hrithik Roshan, Farah Khan, Sania Mirza and others for partying with Vikas Bahl?

Image Source - Instagram

The year 2018 took the entire country (especially the Bollywood industry) by storm when Tanushree Dutta accused veteran actor Nana Patekar in a sexual assault case that happened with her on the sets of her movie ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’. Post that, many actresses and other women from outside the industry shared their ordeals and names of many bigwigs like Alok Nath, Sajid Khan, Subhash Ghai, Vikas Bahl and Anu Malik among others were called out.

The #MeToo movement started trending on social media and even Bollywood celebs like Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar decided not to work in projects involving the accused few. For instance, after Vikas Bahl’s name came out, he was ousted from ‘Super 30’ and there was an internal inquiry committee set to investigate the matter. But later, he was proved innocent and due credit was given to him as the director.

Vikas Bahl has been seen at the special screening of ‘Super 30’. He is also seen chilling and partying with his colleagues and friends from B-town. Recently, he was seen in a get together with Hrithik Roshan, Neha Dhupia, Farah Khan, Angad Bedi, Neha Dhupia and Diana Penty among others. This didn’t go well with Tanushree and she has opened up on it to in.com. She said, “I don’t understand why Bollywood in general with all it’s so-called feminists and women empowerment supporters silent on this great camaraderie with molesters and harassers?? Why don’t you take interviews of your top stars and see what they think of this atrocious behaviour?? So much for them being superstar role models having millions of followers but no guts to stand against what is clearly wrong.”

“Shouldn’t these stars set a better example for their fans?? It’s a shame and thus proves that stardom, fame and money don’t buy one’s soul and conscience!! All that glitters is not gold! They sold their souls to the devil and clearly have no cognizance of what is right and what is wrong anymore. What happened to all the feminists of Bollywood?? Cat got your tongue?? This should be a clear message to the public what kind of horrible human beings these Bollywood type people really are and why good girls and good boys almost never make it here and even if they do they drop out sooner or later. All a bunch of fake-phenkus..badi badi baatein but kutte ki dum tedhi ki tedhi. Btw the public and media should put joint petitions to not let movies release that have these accused in it..that’s a possibility.”

Do you also feel the same way as Tanushree? Let us know your views.

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