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The moment when Salman Khan broke into tears while dubbing for ‘Tubelight’

Salman Khan’s films are undergoing a strong phase of evolution when it comes to content. The trailer of ‘Tubelight’ is proof. From out-and-out commercial ventures with sole purpose of Entertainment, Khan seems to be nearing more intense and realistic content. After ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, ‘Tubelight’ based on the backdrop of Sino-Indian war of 1960 will be another amalgamation of many humane emotions.

The film features Salman and brother Sohail Khan as reel Brothers as well, and we see how Salman struggles to bring his brother back, who has gone to the war and isn’t traced after that. While dubbing as he had to replicate the same emotions, Salman has had a tough time. He often was flooded with tears. (Also Read: We just can’t get over Shah Rukh Khan’s glimpse in Salman Khan’s ‘Tubelight’ trailer)

“Sohail and I are playing brothers on screen and every time in the screenplay, there were emotional scenes, they used to really mess me up. (The film) was emotionally draining. Even during dubbing… it was embarrassing that a grown up man is dubbing and he knows it’s a film, it’s not even that you are shooting the film… you have already shot the scenes and now, you have to just lip-sync but tears came from my eyes. It was really bad,” he stated, at the trailer launch event.

That’s how real relationships are!


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