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Three years back today, the first movie from the so called ‘biggest franchise’ hit the screens

I think I know who and what am I going to write about; and the pain is real. However, it ain’t more real than having to spend a Valentine’s Day Alone. Hence, I don’t care. If you still want to read, please do at your own risk. I don’t promise you any sanity here. Just like the picture below. (Also Read: Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh: The man who practised nothing of what he preached)

Two years back on today’s date, Bollywood witnessed a revolution. From revolutionary VFX wherein a man emerged from a snowy mountain to extraordinary lions that could fly and everything extraordinary in between was packed and presented to us as a film.

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Too bad, Haryanan police had no understanding of the greatness whatsoever, and sent the superman to jail. Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh rarely has that magical smile on his face these days. :'(

Image Source - Outook India

Not just a great filmmaker, an actor, a singer, an author, a philanthropist and a philosopher, but Baba was also a supremely talented stuntman.

‘MSG: The Messenger of God’, which earned over Rs 100 crore worldwide, was definitely a one-of-its-kind piece of cinema. Baba rightly came out with its sequels to promote correct values and morals. Par, Duniya Bewafa Hai.

*Floods With Tears* :(((((

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